Why I think we should have more phone calls.

A girl and boy texting on their phones
A girl and boy texting on their phones
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Nowadays, I spend more time talking with my loved ones. My mom, my brothers and the girl I Like. It’s refreshing. In some ways, I feel a closer connection when I get to hear their voices. In contrast, reading blocks of texts with the extra emojis and stickers don’t convey that. I knew it was convenient and asynchronous. But, somehow, I realized that there must be something better. I was right and there is something better. Talking rather than Texting.

How it started.

I am a sucker for Podcast. I listen to a wide variety of them. One that influenced this article was…

A white Twitter bird icon
A white Twitter bird icon
Source: How Twitter’s Bird Evolved to Become One of the Most Recognizable Logos Today (adweek.com)

One piece of advice I’ve taken to heart is: ‘It matters what you think”. There’s a lot of nuance to that but to me, it means that my opinion, questions I’ve pondered upon and insights I’ve arrived at are worth sharing. They are worth communicating with the broader world. It might not resonate with everybody or anyone at all — which is unlikely — but, it would help them stop and think, “Oh! this is interesting”.

With that mindset, I decided to follow a bunch of Devs on Twitter. I don’t follow tech stuff alone because I know these are…

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I read code for the first time yesterday. Well, not exactly my first. I’ve contributed a bit to open source for the yearly hacktoberfest challenge. I also read code snippets whenever I need to solve a problem. This time, though, was the first time reading someone else’s code to solve a specific problem — somehow this makes less sense, but well, let’s continue.

How did this happen?

Yesterday, a friend of mine had a problem with a hamburger menu. A bug in her code made the hamburger menu disappear when clicked. I wanted to help because I felt this was one way to practice…

Right now, things are especially tough. Unusually tough might be a better term. To be honest, I am equally tired of being frustrated. I don’t think there’s any feeling that can replace it. Even with that, I am still hopeful that I can make something out of it. See, because of my troubles, my writing is consistent. What am I even talking about? Let’s explore that.

The fact of the matter is: everything is unusually difficult for the average Nigerian. The government works actively to ensure they stifle your goals and aspirations — well, this might sound like I have…

the word accessibility shortened as a11y
the word accessibility shortened as a11y
Source: What Does A11Y Mean? (ai-media.tv)

I first heard about accessibility when I decided to review HTML and CSS from scratch. I knew a couple of things, like how an img element needed an alt attribute in case something happened to the image and it didn’t show up and href attribute for anchor elements. Apart from those two things, accessibility wasn’t something I actively thought about while building my practice websites.

For Convenience sake, we would shorten accessibility to a11y. I agree it isn’t the most intuitive acronym but it does make sense. How? Just count the number of letters after the a and before the…

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