• Pratik Singh

    Pratik Singh

    I'm a Developer creating technology to elevate people, and building community. MERN Stack dev and CP lover in C++

  • Lorenzo Cervantes

    Lorenzo Cervantes

    European, based in Leiden, NL

  • Sam Akinlolu

    Sam Akinlolu

  • Eddie Jaoude

    Eddie Jaoude

    Open Source fullstack DevRel expert. Founder of EddieHub Community. https://www.eddiejaoude.io https://www.eddiehub.org https://www.youtube.com/eddiejaoude

  • michael adeleke

    michael adeleke

  • Bhupesh Kumar Singh

    Bhupesh Kumar Singh

    Passionate about Accessibility.

  • Smart Tech Tune

    Smart Tech Tune

    Smart Tech Tune — Provides Your App, Track, Find, Unlock, Finance, Reviews, Plan, Deals, Smartphone, SmartHome, gadget, and much more information.

  • Ess le Jeune

    Ess le Jeune

    Tech | Disruptive Economics | Media

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